Ship hydromechanics

At present the following research topics are in focus at the chair of Modeling and Simulation (LeMoS). Three projects are funded by PTJ and BMWi.

Running projects:

  1. LeiQaS - Scale-resolving numerical modeling of unsteady hydrodynamic effects in transverse thrusters
  2. HySim - Development and implementation of highly accurate hybrid simulation methods for Ship propulsion
  3. StruMan - Maneuvering and control of vessels close to structures

Completed projects:

  1. ERASK - Modeling and simulation of the influence of technical and artificial roughness on the propeller hydrodynamics with consideration of the tip vortex cavitation
  2. HydroVib - Clarification of the hydrodynamic mechanisms of the emergence of vibrations in the stern area of ships in shallow water
  3. ShipLES - Research into the unsteady loads on propellers with hybrid URANS/LES method
  4. WIGSTAB - Influence of nonlinear and unsteady aerodynamic effects on the stability of wing assemblies at ground level
  5. Analysis of the flow phenomena in the gap between the ship's hull and the bottom of the river
  6. Numerical analysis of scale effects on ship dynamics
  7. NoiseLES - Sound radiation from ship propellers using RANS and LES
  8. Numerical analysis of the scale effects on ship dynamics with low keel clearance