Verteidigungen 2021

TIM LUDAT | Untersuchung des Potentials der Kavitationsmodellierung in OpenFOAM (Master 07.09.2021)

MALTE LOFT | Untersuchung der Gasausbreitung in einem vereinfachten Gebäudekomplex (Master 18.08.2021)

ABDUL SAMAD MANSOUR | Influence of the Initial Turbulence on the Full Ship Hydrodynamics (Master 15.06.2021)

ROBERT KASPER | Numerical modeling and simulation of particulate fouling on structured heat transfer surfaces using multiphase Eulerian-Lagrangian LES (Promotion 26.04.2021)

Verteidigungen 2020

TIM LUDAT | Numerical simulation of the fluid flow and heat transfer in a pin-fin array (Studienarbeit 12/2020)

SAI KRISHNA DANDA | Theoretical and Numerical Study Of Droplet Impingement (Masterarbeit 11/2020)

MEHMET IBRAHIM BAYRAMOGLU | Numerical Validation of Wind Flow over Urban Areas by Using Open Source Software OpenFOAM (Masterarbeit)

SOMAYEH HOSSEINHASHEMI | Numerical Investigation of the Pressure Ripple in a Rotary Vane Pump in Order to Find Optimization Potentials (Masterarbeit)

MANOJ KUMAR SURESH | Modelling and Simulation of CO2 Evaporation based Battery Cooling System for Electrid Vehicles in OpenFOAM (Masterarbeit)

MAHESH DATTA DHONE |Resolution of TIP Vortices by grid-based, grid-free and coupled methods using CFD (Promotion)

Verteidigungen 2019

AKSHAY RAVI (Masterarbeit, 10/19)
VOF Simulation of Bubble Formation and Detachment from an Immersed Orifice using OpenFOAM 

MILAD BAGHERI (Masterarbeit, 09/19)
Numerical Simulation of Evaporation to Assess Water Management Performance of Vehicles 

JAIMINSINH PARMAR (Masterarbeit, 09/19)
Simulation method of grease flow behaviar within constant velocity joint 

Design of Chat Bots in Artwork Operations 

CFD Modelling of Particulate Matter Dispersion in turbulent atmospheric boundary layer flow using Large Eddy Simulations 

HANNES KRÜGER (Bachelorarbeit, 09/19)
Numerische Simulation  turbulenter Strömungen auf strukturierten Oberflächen mit Wärmeübergang

BILAL AHMED (Masterarbeit, 08/19)
Hydrodynamic study of the controllable - pitch propeller (CPP) 

MUHAMMAD ASAD YAMIN (Masterarbeit, 08/19)
1D-Modeling of an Electrical Brose Scroll Compressor 

RAJA GANESH UDAYAKUMAR (Masterarbeit, 07/19)
Optimization of the Reducing Agent Evaporation Distance Using CFD Simulations as well as Material Cost Reduction Through FeM Considerations 

KARTIK UPADHYAY (Masterarbeit, 07/19)
Feasibility Study of Wiper Motion in OpenFOAM 

PAUL RIESEN (Masterarbeit, 05/19)
Numerische Untersuchung der Stabilität und Manövrierbarkeit eines neuartigen minimal invasiven AUVs