24.10.2019 | 13:00 Uhr  | R 
MILAD BAGHERI "Numerical Simulation of Evaporation to Assess Water Management Performance of Vehicles"

01.10.2019 | JAIMINSINH PARMAR | Simulation method of grease flow behaviar within constant velocity joint
26.09.2019 | AZADEH VALINATAJBAHNAMIR | Design of Chat Bots in Artwork Operations
13.09.2019 | SENTHILATHIBAN SWAMINATHAN | CFD Modelling of Particulate Matter Dispersion in turbulent atmospheric boundary layer flow using Large Eddy Simulations
27.08.2019 | BILAL AHMED | Hydrodynamic study of the controllable - pitch propeller (CPP)
08.08.2019 | MUHAMMAD ASAD YAMIN | 1D-Modeling of an Electrical Brose Scroll Compressor
25.07.2019 | RAJA GANESH UDAYAKUMAR | Optimization of the Reducing Agent Evaporation Distance Using CFD Simulations as well as Material Cost Reduction Through FeM Considerations
12.07.2019 | KARTIK UPADHYAY | Feasibility Study of Wiper Motion in OpenFOAM
12.07.2019 | PAUL RIESEN | Numerische Untersuchung der Stabilität und Manövrierbarkeit eines neuartigen minimal invasiven AUVs


03.09.2019 | HANNES KRÜGER | Numerische Simulation  turbulenter Strömungen auf strukturierten Oberflächen mit Wärmeübergang