ArTiShirt - Mathematical modeling of heat and moisture transfer in airgel fibers

Brief description:

Climate change and the retreat of the Arctic ice sheet open new perspectives for the development of the Arctic routes and the expansion of resource extraction, which requires effective protection of people from the cold. Existing protective clothing uses heat-insulating components made of different materials. A necessary thermal insulation is achieved by the great thickness and the correspondingly high weight of the clothing. The project aims to create a fundamentally new generation of protective clothing made of textile fibers based on airgel technology. Airgel has the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. Airgel could not yet be used in clothing due to its special physical properties. In the project, a new type of clothing with a minimum thickness of insulation is created, which is referred to as an arctic t-shirt (ArTiShirt). In addition, a new type of IR reflection layer based on nickel coatings as the inner layer and a new type of aramid fiber in the outer layer is being developed and integrated into the clothing. This makes arctic temperatures and wind conditions more manageable.

The novelty of the present sub-project consists in the development of a mathematical model for evaluating the thermal insulation of protective clothing of the new type with an airgel thermal insulation material. The mathematical model involves determining the processes of heat and moisture transfer and takes into account the process of freezing the condensed liquid in the surface layers of clothing. The model is designed to accurately predict human heat exchange with the environment at low temperatures. This reduces the number of necessary experiments and thus the cost and duration of the clothing design work.

Project-related publications (selection):

Journal Articles:

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Book contributions:

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Conference contributions:

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Contact person:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Irina Cherunova
Tel.: +49 381 498 9531
E-Mail: irina.cherunovauni-rostockde

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Project partner

ITP GmbH - Gesellschaft für Intelligente Textile Produkte, Weimar


Project term

10/2021 - 09/2023