Ph.D. Ole Richter

Research projects
  • CFD

Richter O., Timmermann R., Gudmundsson H., De Rydt J.: Coupling framework (1.0) for the Úa ice sheet model and the FESOM-1.4 z-coordinate ocean model in an Antarctic domain, Geosci. Model Dev., submitted.

Boeira Dias F., Rintoul S. R., Richter O., Galton-Fenzi B. K. , Zika J. D., Pellichero V., Uotila P.: Sensitivity of simulated water mass transformation on the Antarctic shelf to tides, topography and model resolution, Front. Mar. Sci., 10, 1027704, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2023.1027704, 2023.

Richter, O., Gwyther, D. E., Galton-Fenzi, B. K., and Naughten, K. A.: The Whole Antarctic Ocean Model (WAOM v1.0): development and evaluation, Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 617–647, doi: 10.5194/gmd-15-617-2022, 2022.

Richter, O., Gwyther, D. E., King, M. A., and Galton-Fenzi, B. K.: The impact of tides on Antarctic ice shelf melting, The Cryosphere, 16, 1409–1429, doi: 10.5194/tc-16-1409-2022, 2022.

Gwyther, D. E., Spain, E. A., King, P., Guihen, D., Williams, G. D., Evans, E., Cook, S., Richter, O., Galton-Fenzi, B. K, Coleman, R.: Cold ocean cavity and weak basal melting of the Sørsdal ice shelf revealed by surveys using autonomous platforms, Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 125, e2019JC015882, doi: 10.1029/2019JC015882, 2020

Richter, O., Turnow, J., Kornev, N., and Hassel, E.: Numerical simulation of casting processes: coupled mould filling and solidification using VOF and enthalpy-porosity method, Heat Mass Transfer 53, 1957–1969 doi: 10.1007/s00231-016-1954-7, 2017.

Curriculum vitae    
seit 2024 Research Assistant Chair of Modeling and Simulation, University Rostock
2020 - 2024 Postdoc in Ocean Modelling Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Bremerhaven
2016 - 2021 Ph.D. Geomatic University of Tasmania, Australia
2013 - 2015 Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering University Rostock
2010 - 2013 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering University Rostock
2008 - 2010 Study of physics University Rostock
1998 - 2007 High school diploma Runge-Gymnasium-Wolgast

Research area

Ship hydromechanic


University of Rostock
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Engineering
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