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LEMOS extensions

The LEMOS package provides additional tools and methods for OpenFOAM, including


Turbulence Modeling

  • LES filter:

    • nonlinear filter (median, maximum, minimum)
    • linear filter (gaussian mean, arithmetic mean)
    • differential filter (elliptic, parabolic, lagrangian)

  • LES turbulence modeling:

    • dynamic mixed SGS model (Zhang, Vreman) with extension to scalar transport  
    • dynamic mixed version of Meneveau's lagrangian turbulence model with extension to scalar transport

  • HYBRID turbulence modeling:

    • hybrid kOmegaSST - dyn. Smagorinsky model
    • hybrid V2F - dyn. Smagorinsky model

  • PANS turbulence modeling:

    • kEpsilon model

Boundary Conditions 

  • inflow generator for synthesis of turbulent fields with prescribed second order statistics using turbulent spot method (in-house development)
  • oscillating normal velocity (e.g. suction and blowing)


Finite Volume Options 

  • framework for plasma actuator models (dielectric barrier discharge) based on body (volume) forces


  • mesh motion solver based on radial basis function (port from OF 1.6-ext)


  • function object to calculate friction velocity uTau
  • function object to calculate energy dissipation rate
  • LambdaCI criterion
  • Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) analysis tool (port from OF 1.6-ext)
  • Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) analysis tool



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